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New Merchant Page Coming, Do Care The Service Level


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  • New Merchant Page Coming, Do Care The Service Level

    Form the news of Aliexpress on Oct. 24, the new version of merchant page is going to be released.

    In the new page, we can tell some obvious change. Service, Credibility, Infraction of merchant will be put on the prominent position. This could tell the Aliexpress are paying more attention on the customer satisfaction. And in the future, We have reason to believe Aliexpress will rank the seller by this criteria, and finally the "Tianmao" & "Taobao" structure will also happened on Aliexpress.

    Comment: I do like the policy, and I like more. The price competition has ripped the sellers off. And we need some rules to distinct the sellers, not the people even can not read the English. Only when the sellers have the profit, then comes with better service. That is the win-win situation.

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