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Good News: New shipping policy in Aliexpress


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  • Good News: New shipping policy in Aliexpress

    From Nov. 15, sellers are not allowed to shipped packages without tracking number which means all the packages shipped by air mail need to be Registered Air Mail.

    In the past, most sellers use ail mail to save the shipping cost, and this is part of reason why there are many tinny stuffs still with Free shipping. But the downside is obvious, you can not track the package. Of course, only a small part will lost, so in all still a very economical shipping method.

    While the annoying thing is , there are some shameful sellers, who know the shipment situation quite well (it takes too much time for package to Russia) and the money transaction process (from the Ali to seller account), they do not deliver products, and offer fake tracking number. After get lots of feedback from the customer, the Aliexpress takes actions.

    So this is policy will reduce the rate of fraud transaction, and give more assurance to the customer.


    This announcement is published by Anders, if you have any other questions, let us figure out together.
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    You chose a very unlucky tag for your topic. I corrected.
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      Oh.. thank you so much!!


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